Play anywhere

Play Minecraft™ on any Mac OS, Windows, and Linux-based computer.

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Never lose a World again!

Double safety: Minecraft™ Worlds are saved live on Gameband and backed up on our secure cloud-based servers.

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Hack your Band

Make Gameband yours! Create and share your own messages, images, and animations for the Gameband LED display.

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How Gameband Works

  • Plug Gameband into the USB port of your computer
  • Launch the Gameband App and play Minecraft
  • Quit & backup your Worlds to Gameband’s secure servers
  • Personalize your Gameband with the PixelFurnace App
  • Wear Gameband and take your Worlds anywhere you go!

PixelFurnace: A tool to customize Gameband & make it yours.

Create & share your own animations, images and text; or download content from other Gamebanders on the PixelFurnace website.

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Take a look inside: Supremely engineered. Durable and elegant.

Click through the heart and soul of Gameband. Luxury watch materials. Cutting edge technology. Super-fast speed.

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The band

TPU silicon material, durable, tough & long-lasting.


140 LED array that you can customize with time, text, pictures & animations.


USB3.0 connection for rapid play (fully compatible with USB2.0 ports), and ensures the fastest speed possible.


Stainless Steel, hand-painted. Redstone Ore.


MLC drive technology with 10x lifecycle of standard drives.


Double molded-control for you to click your way through your customized display.

Preloaded Content

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    • Lots of mini games inside the map

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  • gameband_preloaded_sethbling


    • 15Seconds 1.8
    • Blocks VS Zombies 1.7
    • PizzaSpleef 1.7
    • Redstone Challenge 1.4
    • Redstone Challenge 2 1.5
    • TheBuildingGame 1.8

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  • gameband_preloaded_dragnoz


    • The Dash of Doom 1.7
    • TRON Fire 1.7

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  • gameband_preloaded_hypixel


    • Herobrine’s Mansion 1.7
    • Wrath of the Fallen 1.7
    • Zombie Apocalypse 1.7

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